FORU Solutions

FORU Solutions

For FORU Solution, in addition to standard shipping containers, we have also been able to supply several Fullside Access containers, which are certainly not to be missed. The containers are supplied entirely in the bright red color of FORU’s house style and therefore attract quite a bit of attention.

Besides the fact that the containers look more than beautiful, they are also used to the maximum for the work for which they were purchased. The containers are used as housing for their oil slick skimmers, also known as skimmers, and accessories.

Fullside access containers offer ease of use

The full-side access containers naturally offer a lot of ease of use, especially when it comes to storing and transporting large machines or equipment. Because the doors can be opened over the entire long side, it is much easier to load such machines from and into the container.

Would you like to have your container in the house style of your company? We can make that happen! View our range of containers on the website and contact one of our advisors, we will be happy to help you.

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