Temporary noise barrier of shipping containers

Temporary noise barrier of shipping containers

Limit nuisance caused by construction projects for surrounding buildings? This can be done by installing a noise barrier constructed from shipping containers. This is a simple but quick solution.

The noise barrier is sturdy, safe and can also be dismantled in no time as soon as it is no longer needed. For this reason, it is perfect when a temporary noise barrier is required. Neighboring buildings are happy with such solutions, of course not all nuisance can be removed, but it does provide relief, which is certainly appreciated.

We place a wall of containers within a few hours and the construction can continue!

How many shipping containers are placed in a noise barrier depends on the number of meters. You can choose 20ft or 40ft shipping containers. 40ft shipping containers are often used when it comes to very large distances.

The shipping containers for this temporary noise barrier can be hired, delivery and installation can also be done by us.

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